Purging Data from Hard Drives

  1. Disposal of Computer Systems Owned by Departments other than IT
    • A representative from Property Management will bring all computers that have been approved for disposal to the Information Technology Helpdesk. The following steps will be taken:
      • A Helpdesk representative will open a tracking ticket in the IT work order system for the purging of all data from the hard drive of the computer.
      • The tracking ticket will reference the property number of the computer being brought in and the date and time the computer was brought to IT.
    • The helpdesk representative will remove the hard drive from the computer and label it with the property number of the computer and deliver it to the designated purging facility, which is a locked facility. The computer is returned to the representative of Property Management for disposal to the recycling area.
    • The hard drive will be purged of all data either by degaussing the hard drive or by a three pass format of the drive.
    • The tracking ticket will be updated by the Helpdesk representative purging the drive, confirming the process taken, date of purge and name of individual performing the purge. The tracking ticket will then be closed by the representative and the hard drive placed in the appropriate disposal bin and appropriately marked as purged. The contents of this bin are periodically picked up by a representative of Property Management and transported to recycling.
    • An electronic copy of the closed tracking ticket will be made available to Property Management.
  2. Disposal of Computer Systems Owned by the IT Department
    • The procedure for IT owned computers is the same as above with the following exceptions: IT staff will provide the tracking ticket number for data purge on the survey request form. IT staff will remove hard drives from computer and provide to the Helpdesk representative for placement in the purging facility. All other steps are as outlined above.
    • A representative from Property Management delivers the computer to the recycling area for disposal of computer.
  3. Transfers
    • Departments wishing to transfer any computer from one user to another must, as part of the transfer process, open a helpdesk ticket with the IT Helpdesk, requesting that the computer to be transferred is purged of all data and a new operating system and standard suite of software is installed on the computer.
    • IT will wipe the contents of the computer hard drive and re image the computer using one of our standardized computer images. IT will then deliver the computer to the department receiving the transferred computer.
Procedure Purpose To ensure that all disposed or transferred computer systems owned by the University have their hard drives wiped to remove any possible Level 1 or Level 2 data.
Procedure Number 02-102
Version 1.0.4
Effective Date Feb. 19 2009
Prepared by Robin Marshall
Date Prepared Feb. 12 2009
Approved By Samuel Scalise
Date Approved Feb. 17 2009
Last Updated By Dustin Mollo
Date Last Updated May 12 2009
Associated Policy
Contact(s) Barry Blackburn (ISO)