Information Security

The mission of the Information Security Office is to support the goals of the Sonoma State University by assuring the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information. The Information Security Office is a department of Information Technology and provides information security and identity management services to the campus community including:

  • The primary point of contact for all computing security issues affecting the SSU campus, including hacking, malicious activity, vulnerabilities, and viruses.
  • Implement and conduct an information security program
  • Security auditing and consulting
  • Security policy education, compliance, and enforcement
  • Providing input to Information Technology Standards development
  • Overseeing Information Technology and general university security practices and procedures
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Security incident response
  • Overseeing compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards
  • Identity management system design and development - Identity management systems are typically used for authentication, authorization, online telephone and email directories, automatic account provisioning and de-provisioning, reporting, and many other purposes.

The Information Security Policies, Standards, Procedures, and Programs were created to comply with various Laws, Regulations, Executive Orders, and Legally Binding Standards.

Report an incident

Computer or network security incidents should be reported immediately to The IT Helpdesk: or by calling (707) 664-HELP.

If you suspect that someone has broken into your computer, please contact the Information Security Office immediately. We will investigate the incident and help you recover your system.

ISO Roles and Responsibilities Guide